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"Guys at Quality Solar Sydney, especially Ali did an amazing job. Absolutely fantastic. I would love to call them up for yet another solar job and would recommend them to anyone for Solar installation. We installed a 20 kW system on a commercial rooftop" -Sept 2020
Mr. Matt
Airport Area- Cowra

Project Details

Annual Savings

With our Quality Solar Promise*, Mr. Matt was able to successfully save 300 kWh / Month. He was able to generate about 70 kWh/ day on sunny days which earned him credit from the electricity grid supplier.

Power Rate/Hour

The Solar System installed was for a 20 kW. The system involved the solution installed on a commercial rooftop with angular mounting structures.

Finance option for 3 years

Mr. Matt signed up for our reliable 2-year finance option plan. A comprehensive solution that involves a 0$ upfront and 0$ interest-free payment option.

Inverter solution

1 No. x 20 kW GoodWE Inverter with smart app and WLAN connection facility.

Solar Panels

67 Nos. x 300 Watt Monocrystalline TRINA™ Quality Solar Panels.


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