Customers reviews

"I have just recently installed the Solar Panels for my home from Quality Solar Sydney. I am very happy with their service and the work. I would be happy to recommend them. Thank You!"- July 2019
Mr. Edward Ho
Residential Home Owner- Epping NSW

Project Details

Estimated Annual Savings

With our Quality Solar Promise*, Mr. Edward Ho has an estimated generation of 35 kWh/ day. With his daily consumption he will have an estimated annual savings of about 5000 kWh/ year. The excess units earned him credit from the grid supplier.

Power Rate/Hour

The Solar System installed was for a 6.6 kW. The system involved the solution installed on the residential home's rooftop with angular mounting structures.

Inverter solution

1 No. x 5 kW Jiangsu™ GoodWe GW5000D-NS Series Hybrid Invertor and PowerPlus 6.6kw storage Inverter with smart app and WLAN connection facility.

Solar Panels

22 Nos. x 300 Watt Monocrystalline ET Solar New Energy™ Quality Solar Panels.

Mr.Edward Ho Testimonial