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How does Solar Panel worth having these days ?

Well…, Many of us consider the cost of living and furthermore the rise in electricity bills makes us think about putting Solar Panels on the roof.

But does it worth spending a big money on it?

There are several factors that together prove Storing Solar Power is destined for the near future!

Being Power-Sufficient, Being Cruising the future…


Our arrangements are also supported by a strong performance guarantee.
Quality Solar Sydney is pleased to install the quality products which are backed up by guarantees.

Residential Solar Energy Systems in Sydney-  Solar Energy Systems in Sydney- Residential Solar Battery Systems in Sydney

Commercial Solar Energy Systems in Sydney-  Solar Energy Systems in Sydney-Commercial Solar Battery Systems in Sydney

Solar Power Systems in Sydney-  Solar Panels Systems in Sydney- Rural Solar Battery Systems in Sydney

SOLAR PANELS intsalled
1 kW
kW total Capacity in NSW
Equivalent to Trees Saved


“Quality Solar Solutions’ Director, offered me a precise solution for my solar needs! The work delivered was very professional and catered to suit my needs. I am delighted to choose Quality Solar Sydney!” -Dec 2019″ – Dr. Hasan Kaveh



Quality Solar Sydney was established in Sydney in the year 2010, under the workmanship of Ali Shalkouhi. Initially starting the business in the electrical sector, the company soon became one of the pioneers in providing Quality Solar Installations and Services to residents and businesses in Sydney.

Our goal: To Provide Our Clients with Reliable and Quality Solar Power Solutions & Services.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. CEC Accredited Solar Installers

All our installers and technicians are CEC accredited (i.e. the installer demonstrates competence in the design and installation of stand-alone and grid-connected solar PV systems). CEC accredited installers are also eligible for Government incentives and rebates, which can assist with the cost of your solar power system.

2. Solar Expertise & Consultation

Our Engineers & Technicians know solar in & out. Every member of our team has unique experience in working on different solar solutions & projects. Each project demands a new outlook and presents unique challenges. We can help you choose the solar solution that is catered to your rooftop.

3. Established since 2010

Quality Solar Sydney has been in the industry since 2010. We have an established track record in Sydney with a range of solar installations and solutions projects for residential and businesses both. We use only the top quality brands of inverter and panel products to ensure 100% satisfaction. Quality Solar Sydney’s consultative approach involves taking a holistic look at reducing your electricity and energy spend.

4. Zero$ Upfront & 0$ Interest Free Finance Options

Quality Solar Sydney offers comprehensive solutions by trusting to our powerful finance facility where offering $0 Upfront and $0 Interest repayments. We are partnered with Brighte Finance* Facility which offers comprehensive finance solutions for our clients.

5. Less Talk, More Action

We are more about action than words. We not only install the best quality products, but also take 100% Guarantee and provide After Sales Service to our clients. Hear more about how we bring our plans into action by some of our Happy Clients!

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